More good news. Another study says small businesses are concentrating on growth.

A day ago we took a look at stats compiled by Intuit which made it clear that small business job growth – although modest – is continuing. Today there’s more good news. MSNBC spoke with Rafael Pastor, CEO of Vistage (an organization which is comprised of more than 14,000 CEOs in 15  countries), and Pastor said that small businesses are now concentrated primarily on growth. 66% of small business expect to see increases in revenue in the next year and nearly 90% of small business don’t expect there to be a double dip in the economy.

There are several concerns though. Small businesses are closely following whether tax cuts will be extended and there are about how about potential increases in healthcare costs. But the overall outlook remains positive, and it appears the economy is continuing to slowly get back on track.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t let you post MSNBC videos on its blogs, but I highly recommend viewing the video here.

Is social media helping your small business?

One of the hot topics in any line of business right now is social media. We’ve taken a look at it a few times already. While there are certainly pros and cons to social media, the general reaction to it seems to be primarily positive. But what are your thoughts on it?

Well, you now have the chance to weigh-in on it. Symantec is currently running a quick 10-question survey that let’s you answer questions about how social media is going for your small business and how productive you feel it has been. Symantec has said that they will post the results on their Social Media Center page once the survey is complete. We’ve already taken it and will post the results once they appear.

[Symantec Small Business Social Media Survey]

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