Can rebranding green upgrades for homes produce an actual impact?

Our friends over at Green Goddess have a very interesting article for those in the green construction industry. Recently a study was conducted by the Berkeley National Laboratory that found that the term “audits” or “retrofits” made people think negatively about improving residential energy efficiency. The results, they say, should serve as a guide to the more than 2,000 towns, cities, states and regions with stimulus funding to spend on clean energy programs and with minimal experience to draw from.

A key partner for these programs should be the contractor workforce, the authors of the study said, because contractors know the marketplace for residential construction work and will be the “face” that customers see when they interact with the program. Ensuring that contractors are well-trained, they added, can help to avoid problems and consumer backlash.

But while the suggestion is that offering “energy assessments” and “upgrades” sounds good, will this change in branding make any difference for businesses?

Well, Tanya Stock of Green Goddess has some very keen thoughts on this question, which I’d advise you reading on Green Goddess. Her basic synopsis is that while such changes sound good on paper, the challenges for a business to totally change their style of branding (and possibly even their name) may come at a very high cost. In other words, things are not always as simple as they look. Not to mention that a fair number of potential customers already see energy improvements as costly improvements, even if in the long run they benefit from them.

Which leaves us with the question of what can the government and businesses do to better streamline green upgrades? Is this study enough to change things? That’s harder to answer. But if you are a green business or a business looking into getting into that field, I recommend viewing the study here and then reading Green Goddess’s good critical take on it.

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