One plumber’s offbeat (but highly successful) ways of marketing himself

One of the blogs that we fully very closely here at Buyful is Construction Marekting Ideas. The blog, started by Mark Buckshon is a true leader in terms of construction marketing. And today, he has a story that is well worth your time.

Mark introduced us to plumber Mike Johnson from Wisconsin. Mike’s been posting on the forums and a related blog, under the name “Mike’s Plumbing”, with some rather incredibly creative marketing ideas – including bringing kids along on door-to-canvassing.

Mike’s lessons that he’s sharing on Contractor Talk may sound kooky, but he has quite a record of success. Mark had the chance to speak with Mike and found out the ways that Mike works to get himself attached to the local community that he does work for. And here’s the most interesting thing. Mike’s primary way of marketing himself comes without any actual cost to his business. Instead, he works to get himself well connected in the community, where word-of-mouth referral is king.

It’s a great blog post, and well worth your time. And it may even give you and you small business some great ideas. There’s no direct link to the post, unfortunately, but it’s currently the first post on Construction Marketing Ideas.

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