Yahoo! Asks Gen Y Entrepreneurs How To Get The Most Out of Social Media For Your Small Business

Yahoo’s! tech section today has a very interesting article today in relationship to small businesses. Scott Gerber, a columnist for Entrepreneur, Inc. and Wall Street Journal, recently asked a panel of successful Gen Y entrepreneurs how small businesses can go about getting the most out of their social media marketing and how they can convert more of their existing social media followers into paying customers. Their answers cover 12 topics, including what kind of engagement you need, why you should seek to foster relationships via social media instead of simply blasting out marketing campaigns and why quality is always better than quantity (which I’m not sure is necessarily true, but that’s for another time).

Here’s one example, which is the response Gerber got in regards to fostering real relationships on social media over just straight marketing.

“First, you may want to rethink how you are viewing social media. If you’re looking for an immediate pop in revenue, you’re likely to give up quickly on social media and completely miss the larger opportunity it provides. Of course the broader goal of all marketing is to generate sales; however, if you show up on Facebook and Twitter simply to promote your product or service it is likely you’ll be ignored. Social media is about genuine interaction and building relationships. By fostering relationships, social media becomes an incredibly powerful tool. Provide interesting content that will generate buzz, provide helpful hints and unique discounts that are only available on Facebook or Twitter. Customers will appreciate the ability to participate in a dialogue directly with your brand and these interactions will show up on customers’ news feeds. The resulting brand exposure and word-of-mouth will ultimately pay dividends in the form of new customers.”

Anderson Schoenrock, co-founder of ScanDigital

I think the article is well worth your time, even though you’re not likely to agree with all of it. Not to mention that once you get done with the article, it will seem like you’ll have to spend all your company’s time on social media. But that’s not case. These are good lessons to learn and useful advice.

I’ll soon offer my own thoughts on this article in full, but for the time being, have a read.

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