How confident are small businesses about 2011?

As the year comes to end, something that’s on everyone’s mind is how will small businesses do in 2011? Well, when you have a question like this, it’s best to go straight to the source for you answers, and that’s exactly what Small Business Trends did.

Small Business Trends did a survey of over 1,000 small business decision-makers (owners, partners and general managers) and found them to be overwhelmingly positive about both their own companies, and the economy as a whole. You can see the entire results here.

Nearly three-quarters of small businesses (72 percent) say the overall economy will improve (30 percent) or hold steady (42 percent) in 2011. And when it comes to their own companies, 34 percent expect their sales to rise in 2011, while 50 percent expect them to stay the same. Only 16 percent think their sales will decrease.

This confidence is of course most important in regards to job creation. Twenty-five percent of those surveyed plan to hire employees next year, 64 percent say they will maintain their current staff levels and just 11 percent plan to cut jobs.

So while it appears that we’re still a long way away from completely getting the economy back to where it once was, small business owners generally believe the economy is headed in the right direction. Let’s hope small businesses have the chance to capitalize on this enthusiasm in 2011.

[Small Business Trends]

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