Welcome to the Buyful Blog

Buyful is an online community that revolutionizes the way local small businesses buy and supply from each other by enabling you to grow your business through trusted referrals. Think of Buyful as your online chamber of commerce—only on steroids. Buyful helps you extend your customer and supplier networks through the power of social networking, and provides an easy and efficient way to manage your buying and selling online.

When you buy, Buyful helps you get the best terms from suppliers who compete to fulfill your bid requests. You save time and money and get introduced to new suppliers through trusted referrals—all for free.

When you supply, you build closer connections to your existing customers, win new customers through trusted referrals, and pay only a small transaction fee on successful deals.

Join the Buyful community for free at www.buyful.com.

In this blog, we’ll try to cover topics relevant to you as a small business. We will share information we collect, discuss specific ideas and discuss issues/problems that affect your day as a small business. As an example, our next blog will be about the solar segment, covering small businesses who buy solar installations and the contractors who supply them. We are looking forward to your comments, suggestions and participation to make this blog a great place where small businesses communicate and share their experiences.

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